Operating Regulations


1. This Regulation promulgates the mandatory regulations applicable to customers and readers accessing to website vitahealth.vn.
2. Organizations and individuals participating in activities of vitahealth.vn website shall have to strictly comply with the Regulation‘s contents.
3. All contents of this Regulation must comply with Vietnam’s current legal system. Customers and readers understand their own legal responsibilities, comply with legal provisions and the content of the Regulations of vitahealth.vn website.


1. The domain name of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. website is vitahealth.vn
2. Customers, readers of vitahealth.vn website
– Customers, readers of vitahealth.vn website are all people accessing and using services of vitahealth.vn website.
– The word  “Services” includes all services provided by Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. or related to vitahealth.vn website.
3. Transaction address: vitahealth.vn
4. Scope of activities of vitahealth.vn website


1. Collecting personal information

In the process of providing information and services, website vitahealth.vn will receive information from customers and readers as follows:
When each customer accesses this website, the website will automatically save the IP address along with the domain name. We also use testing tools like “cookies”. A cookie account will store data that the website server sends to your browser when you visit the website, using this function will help us support and understand customers’; needs and tastes when visiting our website. We also combine your IP address and domain information with other information you provide. This information is provided via the email you send us, or the information you fill out when you want to register, feedback, support requests, answer questionnaire or participate in a contest / promotional activities.

2. Purpose of use

• Website vitahealth.vn will use personal information received from customers and readers for the following purposes:
• Use for transactions while purchasing goods and services of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. on the website vitahealth.vn.
• Used in propagating and advertising the information of vitahealth.vn website to related subjects.
• Providing information about the service by email, post office, phone, etc.
• Used to personalize content whenever customers, readers visit the website vitahealth.vn, based on gender, age, place of residence, interests, purchase history, viewed web pages.
• Use to analyze trends in customer service usage, with the aim of building new services, or improving old ones.
• Used to contact customers and readers when website vitahealth.vn investigates customer information, organizes promotions, exchanges
information and opinions on evaluation tables and comments.
• Used to respond when customers, readers wonder: our company will answer customers, readers by email, phone, or send mail to the address of the customer, readers, when customers, readers fake questions.
• Use in other services provided by vitahealth.vn website.
• For other purposes of vitahealth.vn which were not listed above. We will then notify that use on website vitahealth.vn.

3. Use of personal information

• Website vitahealth.vn uses personal information of customers, readers according to the laws of Vietnam.
• Using personal information of customers, readers to perform the purposes stated in Article 2 of this regulation.

4. Confirm and correct personal information

Customers, readers can confirm, edit, add, delete, cancel your account.


1. Customers and readers will be solely responsible for the security and keep all activities using the service when accessing the website
vitahealth.vn. Customers and readers are responsible for promptly informing website vitahealth.vn about unauthorized use, abuse, and breach of security of third parties to take appropriate measures.
2. Customers and readers must provide complete and accurate information posted on vitahealth.vn website. All amended, supplemented or replaced information must be promptly notified to the website management board of vitahealth.vn and updated on the website.
3. Customers, readers do not use the services of vitahealth.vn website for illegal, unreasonable, deceptive, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creating and transmitting spreading viruses that damage the system, configure, transmit information of vitahealth.vn website, or use its services for speculative purposes, manipulating the market to create fake orders and offers both for judging market demand. In case of violations, members must be responsible for their acts before the law.
4. Customers and readers must not act to discredit the website vitahealth.vn in any form such as causing disunity among customers and
other readers by using the second registration name, through a third parties or propagate and disseminate information that is not conducive to the reputation of vitahealth.vn website.


• When performing services on vitahealth.vn website, it is imperative that customers and readers comply with the instructions.
• The website management board vitahealth.vn is committed to providing the best quality of service to customers and readers participating in the service. In case of technical errors, software errors or other objective errors leading to customers and readers being unable to participate in using the service, customers and readers notify the Management Board of the website vitahealth.vn through email address: enquiry@vitahealth.com.vn
• We will fix errors in the shortest time, enabling customers and readers to use the website vitahealth.vn service.
• However, the Management Board will not be responsible for handling in the event of customer notification, readers cannot reach the Management Board, arising from technical, transmission line, software or other errors caused by management.


1. Rights and obligations of the Management Board
1.1. Rights of website management board vitahealth.vn
• Website management website vitahealth.vn has the right to check the information that organizations and individuals put on vitahealth.vn website, especially information about prices and product quality.
• Refuse, suspend or stop providing services to customers and readers in case there are grounds to prove that customers and readers provide information to website vitahealth.vn that is inaccurate, incomplete, because violating Vietnamese laws, ethics and traditions.
• Revoke all content that customers, readers posted on vitahealth.vn website in case customers, readers violate the Regulations or have acts affecting business activities on vitahealth.vn website. In this case, the Management Board will notify customers and readers within at least one (01) month.
• Vitahealth.vn website management reserves the right to use the service and its content on vitahealth.vn website under international copyright laws and the laws on intellectual property protection in Vietnam. Website vitahealth.vn and all logos, logos, content in different languages ​​are owned by vitahealth.vn website. Any unauthorized copying, use and dissemination of these rights is strictly prohibited.

1.2. Responsibility of the website management board vitahealth.vn

• Verifying and verifying customer information, readers participating in activities on vitahealth.vn website.
• Establish a mechanism for providing information and services on vitahealth.vn website, allowing customers and readers to exchange and proceed to sign a service contract with Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd.
• Taking necessary measures to ensure information security related to business secrets of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. Do not disclose, transfer, lease or sell information related to business secrets or personal information of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. without the consent of the related parties, except for cases where The law has other provisions.
• Actively assisting state management agencies in investigating business violations; providing documents such as registration information, transaction data history, etc. of subjects violating the law on vitahealth.vn website.
• Responsible for building website vitahealth.vn including a number of main tasks such as: researching, designing, purchasing hardware and software equipment, connecting to the Internet, developing policies to serve website activities vitahealth.vn in the conditions and scope allowed.
• Develop service policies that apply to each individual on vitahealth.vn website. These policies will be published on vitahealth.vn website.
• Maintain the normal operation of vitahealth.vn website and fix incidents affecting the operation of the website. In case of force majeure events such as natural disasters, fires, social fluctuations, decisions of authorities the website vitahealth.vn is not jointly liable.
• The website management board of vitahealth.vn is responsible for guiding customers and readers to implement the service use process on vitahealth.vn website.

2. Rights and obligations of customers and readers
2.1. Rights of customers, readers

• Free membership registration (if any). Membership fee is understood as the fee to participate in activities on vitahealth.vn website, but does not include other fees such as advertising rental fees, consulting services, other fees on vitahealth.vn website.
• To be granted a separate username and password to gain access to its services on vitahealth.vn website (if any).
• Enjoy preferential policies provided by vitahealth.vn website or the third partners provided on vitahealth.vn website. These preferential policies will be posted directly on vitahealth.com website or sent directly to customers and readers.

2.2. Obligations of customers, readers

• Ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of your information on vitahealth.vn website.
Comply with legal provisions on information provision and contracting onvitahealth.vn website and the provisions of this Regulation.
• Comply with the provisions of the relevant laws on payment, advertising and promotions.
• Secure and store and make use of the service under your registered name, password and email address.
• Promptly notify vitahealth.vn website management of any unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registration name and password of a third party for timely handling measures.
• Responsible for the content, images of business information and other information as well as the entire process of using the service on vitahealth.vn website.
• Do not use the service of website vitahealth.vn for illegal, unreasonable, deceptive, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creating and spreading viruses that cause damage to system, configuration, information transmission of vitahealth.vn website or use its services for speculative purposes, manipulating the market to create fake orders and offers, including for judging. market demand. In case of violations, members must be responsible for their acts before the law.
• Do not alter, modify, assign, copy, disseminate, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by vitahealth.vn website to a third party without consent. Notice of the website management board vitahealth.vn in this Regulation.
• Do not act to discredit the website vitahealth.vn in any form such as to create disunity among customers and readers by using a second
registration name, through a third party or propaganda, disseminating information which is not conducive to the reputation of vitahealth.vn website.


1. Disputes arising in the course of transactions on vitahealth.vn website shall be resolved by the parties to negotiate, if they cannot be solved by themselves, they shall be referred to the competent agencies for settlement according to law provisions.
2. The regulation of vitahealth.vn website takes effect from the date of posting on vitahealth.vn website.
3. In case of changing the content of the regulation to ensure the purpose and operation of the website vitahealth.vn, the Management Board will notify on the website vitahealth.vn before 5 (five) days. After 5 (five) days of notification, the regulation is amended, supplemented, replaced officially takes effect. The customers and readers continue to use the service after the amended regulation is announced and implemented, which means that the customers and readers have accepted this amended Regulation.


Official contact address of vitahealth.vn website:
• Company / Organization: Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd.
• Tax code: 0310830378
• Address: 2nd Floor, 456-458 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District
1, HCMC, Vietnam.
• Phone: (+8428) 3848 3523
• Email: enquiry@vitahealth.com.vn

Website Management Board.