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Thank you for visiting website operated by Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the Privacy Policy below to better understand the commitments we make to respect and protect the rights of our visitors.
This website is managed by Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. When each customer accesses this website, the website will automatically save the IP address along with the domain name. We also use testing tools like “cookies”. A cookie account will store data that the website server sends to your browser when you visit the website, using this function will help us support and understand customers needs and tastes when visiting our website.
We also combine your IP address and domain information with other information you provide. This information is provided via the email you send us, or the information you fill out when you want to register, feedback, support requests, answer questionnaire or participate in a meeting. Contest / promotional activities.

Article 1. Purpose and scope of information collection
1.1. Purpose of collecting information:

– Support customers when they need to know about Vita Health Vietnam Products / Services.
– Answering customers inquiries.
– Provide you with information about the latest software versions; updates on our Website.
– Review and upgrade the content and interface of the Website.
– Perform customer surveys.
– Carry out promotional activities related to Products and Services of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd.

To accomplish the above purposes, our company will consider sharing information with partner companies of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. Information may be shared to third parties that we believe will accomplish the goals set out above. However, in this case, we will endeavor to ensure that the recipient cannot use your information for purposes other than the goals we have set out to the extent permitted by the guest. Information is only disclosed to third parties in special cases when required by law or competent authorities. In particular, we do not rent or sell your information to any third party (unless it relates to the need to sell our entire property or business as mentioned).

1.2. Scope of personal information collection

Personal information we collect when you send us inquiries, including:
Full name
Contact phone.
Product information and product related inquiries.

Article 2. Scope of using information

Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. uses the Customer Information collected to:
a) Implement measures to complete Services of Vita Health Vietnam Co.,
b) Establishing loyalty programs or other trade promotion programs;
c) Handling issues relating to Customer's use of the Services or
transactions between Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Customer;
d) Send open letters, orders, thank letters;
e) Send the Promotion Information or other Information to the Customer
with the prior consent of the Customer.
f) Notify about recruitment information of Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. if
Customer registers to receive notification email.
g) Assessment and analysis of markets, customers, Services of Vita Health
Vietnam Co., Ltd.
h) Other contents that Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. is permitted to use the Information does not contravene the law.

Article 3. Information retention time

We will store the personal information provided by our customers on our data storage and management systems or we rent it in the course of providing services to customers until the collecting purpose is completed or when you request to cancel the information provided.

Article 4. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

Address: 2nd Floor, 456-458 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District
1, HCMC, Vietnam.
Phone: (+84) 28 3848 3523.

Article 5. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

You have the right to ask us to allow you to access or correct, delete your personal information, or if you have any questions about the terms of personal information at, please email us at

Article 6. Commitment to protecting customers’ personal information

When you submit your personal information to us, you agree to the terms we stated above. We promise that the information you have provided to us will be kept confidential and used to the utmost benefit to you. Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. will endeavor to ensure that your information is kept confidential, but due to technical limitations, no data that can be transmitted over the internet can be kept confidential 100%. Therefore, we cannot make a firm commitment that the information you provide to us will be kept
strictly confidential, and we cannot be held liable in the event of unauthorized access permission to your personal information. If you do not agree to the terms described above, we recommend that you do not send information to us. The website may contain links to other websites. These linked websites may not be under the control of website and Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any linked websites. Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. has the exclusive right and right to edit the content on this site without warning or notice. You agree that, when you

use our website after editing, you acknowledge, agree to abide by and believe in such modification. Therefore you should preview the content of this page before accessing other content on the website.

Website Management Board.