Terms of Payment

All customers participating in transactions in any form at www.vitahealth.vn are kept confidential.

1. Payment method

Customers transfer via the following account information:
Account holder’s name: Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Account number: – Vietcombank Tan Dinh – Hai Ba
Trung Transaction Office.

2. Dispute resolution

Any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to transactions at Vita Health Vietnam Co., Ltd. or these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by negotiation. In the event that the negotiation between the two parties fails to reach a final agreement, a complaint or dispute will be brought to the Court under the Law on Consumer Protection on Dispute Resolution between consumers and organizations and business individuals of goods and services.

3. Provisions for termination

In case of any damages arising from a breach of the Terms of Use website for payment, we reserve the right to suspend or close your account. If the customer is dissatisfied with any terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or operation method of the website www.vitahealth.vn, please inform the website management by email, we I will receive the information and may review it to make it suitable for the current situation.

Website Management Board.